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Was hand delivered a letter stating I have to go to court...

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Posted by Anon ( on June 24, 2009 at 12:43:10:

My mother, who is 64 years old, was hand delivered by a police officer a letter stating she must appear in court next month over a credit card from 2003. This is a credit card from a bank that was of course sold to a collection agency (the actual people suing her). The amount is now 2800.00 (but the credit card was probalby like 500, I'm sure).

From my understanding, she can appear in court and use the statute of limitations as a defense (from what I can gather is four years in the state of Florida on credit cards). I am not sure if the account was opened in 2003 or when she last paid on it (became delinquent), but how can I find that out? I'm sure it's been delinquent for at least four years, OR that date is coming up quick, hence the reason they decided to try to sue her.

My mom doesn't have much money, she only gets around 500 a month in social security. Can they possibly garnish wages from social security? At 64, as you can imagine, it's not like she's in high demand in the job force, so she has not been able to work. Besides, she was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus about five years ago and she gets dizzy spells a lot - who's gonna hire a 64-year-old diabetic!

Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated, as my poor mom is scared to death that they are going to garnish her wages and she won't be able to afford her diabetes medications.

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