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Judgement Settlement

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Posted by Kim ( on July 14, 2009 at 19:49:09:

How do I go about settling a judgment. I live in California. The judgment is for $25,000 with Citibank. It was granted in 3/09. I had become disabled and couldn't pay but now my Social Security disability has been approved. I will get a good amount of back pay but have so many people to pay back I don't want to pay the judgment in full. I know I don't have to use my disability to pay then as it is protected but I want to get rid of this. Should I call the company or send them a letter? What should I say to get them to settle and how much should I start with? Someone said I need to go through the court to settle IS this correct? Should I wait longer and let the debt age so they will be more likely to settle? Thanks you any advice.

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