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what's the timeframe on billing?

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Posted by anon ( on August 15, 2009 at 01:22:42:

We were in a car accident in November of 2007. Were already seeing our chiropractor regularly so he began treating us post-accident. They treated us under insurance for 6 months. They owed us money for bills we'd paid that insurance also paid, we wanted our money back so I wrote up the charges, coverages, etc. They wrote me a letter stating that they weren't willing to pay us back the $ because they had never been reimbursed by the insurance company for the treatment post-accident but that they didn't want us to endure any financial hardship so they were writing off the accident treatment that the insurance hadn't paid them for. I called the insurance company to make sure they hadn't actually paid the chiropractor and we were being lied to. Well, the insurance company stated that they wouldn't settle with them, they would only settle with us. The chiropractor didn't put a lien on the settlement or anything so we settled a year to the day of the accident. We saved it for awhile in case they decided to try and bill, it's been over 6 months and we've never heard a thing from them. We haven't even been treated by them for over a year. All of a sudden two weeks ago their billing agency calls and states that they are wanting paid for the services they performed after our accident. Is there a statue of limitations on how long after the treatment they can bill? I mean it's been nearly two years since we started treatment.

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