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Bad Credit Resources

Your first step in dealing with bad credit is to honestly examine the reasons for your financial troubles. You must address the underlying causes first, or your rehabilitation efforts will be wasted.

Banks and other credit card issuers are very organized in conducting their business, and you must be very organized in dealing with them. First, read our Consumer Overview section. Obtain and understand your credit reports.

For those with bad credit (or with no credit history at all) we suggest these resources:

Prepaid Card List - It is easy to get a MasterCard or Visa card debit card which draws money from a deposit.

Secured Credit Card List - Rebuild your credit rating and history with MasterCard and Visa credit cards which are secured by a deposit.

Debt Help List - Services to deal with debt problems, inclusind consolidation and other types of help.

Catalog Credit List. Some catalog merchants have very easy credit terms to help you establish or re-establish your credit payment history, including positive reports to the credit bureaus.


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