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Credit Cards With Rewards And Points Programs


These are credit cards with rewards programs, including cash back, airline miles, and other points. They generally require you to have good credit.

Some student cards that have points are listed here.

Also, business users can find rewards cards here.


Bank Of America Credit Cards - Various programs, mostly for airline points.

Capital One - Offers many different cards, including for people establishing their credit history.

Chase - Choose from three different plans.

CitiBank Credit Cards - Choose from a range of features and rewards, including cash back, airline miles, and more.

Diner's Club Charge Card - Up to 20% savings at thousands of participating restaurants. Up to 12,000 Bonus Miles on any major US airline. Club Rewards program to turn points from purchases into miles, merchandise and more.

Fifth Third Bank (Cash back or rewards points)

Nordstrom Bank - Offers store cards and Visa cards. Rewards points related to shopping there.

REI Visa - Offers rebates for purchases of REI outdoor clothing and gear. Issued by US Bank.

Sam's Club - They issue their own store credit card, and also two Discover cards with rewards programs.

Points.Com - Manage all of your rewards and points programs in one place. Earn more frequent flyer miles and rewards in your existing programs, and join new programs. Buy mile or points, and swap them between programs. Use your miles or points to get gift certificates for hundreds of merchants. Share your miles or points with friends or family. Get free miles and points just for joining (for free.)

Rewards Network - Offers discounts at restaurants and hotels. For some reason, membership registration involves specifying a particular credit card to be used for purchases


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